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Google Spritz Fountain

Google approached us with an idea for one of our most outrageous requests: to design for them, an Aperol spritz fountain.

We wanted to make sure the fountain was elegant and traditional. We drew inspiration from fountains around Europe and wanted to design something that was eye-catching and would mimic the traditional architecture of early Italy. Seeing as Aperol was created in 1919 in early Italy, we thought it’d be fit to draw inspiration from the same source.


MAY 2020









The base of the fountain was made out of wood, then covered in concrete texture paint to get that authentic concrete feel. The back plate is covered in illustrative tiles, with a stone mantelpiece in the centre; donning small decorative sculpture pieces. The gold tap placed at the top of the fountain pours aperol spritz into the glass that is centred below.





Alongside the fountain, we designed for Google, a ‘love chair’. The chair itself was hung with steel chains in order for it to swing. It had a wide wooden overarching frame, and was painted in polar white. The arch was completely surrounded by greenery and roses for a romantic and traditional look; once again linking back to the Italian inspiration.