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E World

Here we set up a space for Hyundai to demonstrate their new line of vehicles at E World 2021. It is the only event in New Zealand featuring a large expo showcasing electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, ebikes, escooters and new to 2021 are sustainable technologies for the home, solar and more. Now in its 4th year, E World NZ is NZ’s largest EV expo with 5000+ visitors.


MAY 2021







The booth included; 3x EV vehicle display, 3 x bar leaners and 3-4 stools per station, 1x Hyundai kiosk touch screen, greenery and plants, and 1x wall box EV charging station. We designed the space to clearly display each asset, with class and structure. 

The star of the show was the large LED wall, setup behind the SUV’s. The wall was pieced together by our team and had a showing of Hyundai videos and presentations. This was used throughout the duration of the event to present Hyundai’s advertisements to the guests. On either side of the LED wall, we placed large banners with Hyundai logos.

Above the space, was a hanging advertisement banner – boasting 4 more Hyundai logos. 

In addition to the heavily electronic venue, we placed plants and greenery all around the space to balance out the venue with a bit of nature. Added to this was 3 bar learners, with stools for the guests and the salesmen, to talk about Hyundai’s new line of vehicles. We also built a small white kiosk for Hyundai’s demonstrations.