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NZ Opera

The NZ Opera required a custom built stage to facilitate the unique presentation of their show “Eight Songs for a Mad King”. The table had to have a sophisticated look whilst being able to withstand the weight of the performers, illuminate the performers with overhead lighting, and illustrate a clear view for the audience.


FEB 2020









The table like stage included a trapdoor and movable programmable lighting. We designed the table to be at the optimal height for a sitting audience. We also made sure that the lighting wouldn’t be overbearing or obstruct any line of sights for any viewers. This was detrimental and key to the design as any obstruction to the viewers would grant the stage as futile. The flooring of the stage included a dark oak finish and the framing had black steel finishings, this really completed the look of the elegant design.





We executed the build from scratch, in order to maintain the needs of our client whilst achieving a high quality finish fitted to the Division 22 standard. We thoughtfully planned the design and execution of the stage, to make the bespoke build work effectively during the show.