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The Samsung Vacuum stand project involved two different specifications of display stand.

One designed for high volume stores and one for lower volume. Rolled out nationwide, D22’s field team travelled to assist with the installation ensuring a consistent on brand end product.

Throughout the design D22 assisted Samsung to create the most effective stands possible for each of the respective budgets.


MAY 2020





High volume retail stores had a premium display stand featuring electrical powered and a steel construction, and lower volume stores had a MDF constructed stand.

D22 ensured that both stands included consistent point of sale informational material and would function to help consumers self-educate about the product at the point of purchase.

The MDF stand was made to match both the available store space in the lower volume stores.

It was ensured that both Samsung Vacuums would be featured and still retain strong visibility for informational POS material.

D22 finished the stands with a high gloss spray applicated paint, maintaining a premium look on a smaller budget.

The premium steel stand was able to be bigger and this allowed the D22 team to create spaces for Samsung to show off the accessories for the stand.

In addition to having space for supplementary products, the stand being powered allowed for a back lit logo and additional accent lighting.

The acrylic shelf was lit in a way that highlighted any accessory that Samsung or the retailer wanted to show off.

With the stand being powered, the vacuums were able to be charged to allow instore demonstrations and hands on experience with the product for consumers.

Power also allowed for the stand to include a monitor to display videos, and with easy access to the USB drive, Samsung could easily update the content on the screen to display new accessories or even future generations of the product.

The Samsung Vacuum stand project shows how here at D22 we can cater for any budget and that we won’t let budget get in the way of making a slick polished asset. In the rollout of the vacuum stands.

D22 sent out staff to stores nationwide to install the stands to ensure the stands were working as intended and that they were presented in a way to match the quality of the product.

The project was truly an end to end job, from initial designs all the way through to having the stands instore ready for sales.

The care we take with our client’s assets and brands, gives companies such as Samsung the confidence to come back to us again and again.