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Tauranga Home Show

We’ve worked with Samsung on multiple different home shows, one of which being the home show in Tauranga, earlier this year. We set up the event space to clearly demonstrate what Samsung’s products are capable of. We divided the event space into sections, each with their own purpose and their categorised products. All sections were sleekly designed with a surrounding that best suits its products.


MAY 2021







The sections were divided into; TV, mobile, washing machine and vacuum, and kitchen and fridge. 

The TV section was subdivided into spaces that displayed 5 of Samsung’s top TVs; ‘The Serif’, ‘The Frame’, ‘The Neo QLED’ and ‘The Neo QLED 8K’. We designed wall textures and displays to compliment each TV. We also implemented home decor, to give ‘The Serif’ and ‘The Frame’ space a more of a welcoming and homely feel. 

The mobile display was front and center of the event space, in order to really promote the phones. The display for this section was designed with matte black MDF and glass panels. The top cover was designed in white gloss to compliment the mobile phones and their stands. 

For the washing machine and vacuum section, we designed specially made displays to show off the Samsung products. The displays were made of MDF with matte black laminate. They boasted large LED Samsung logos and strip lighting around and below the frame of the display. We also incorporated brown oak for the vacuum display to give it a warmer feel.

Towards the back and left of the event space was where the kitchen and fridge displays were placed. 

The kitchen was specially designed for Samsung to show off their kitchen products at multiple events around NZ. Each cutout within the kitchen tightly fitted one of Samsung’s home appliances. Sitting with the kitchen was the fridge wall. This section had a matte white wall placed behind it, with one large LED lit Samsung logo placed in the center of the display.